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I Walked Across Philadelphia with a Record-Breaking Endurance Swimmer and 50 of Her Friends: With the EverWalk initiative, Diana Nyad is trying to get more people walking. This is what one of her “Epic Walks” is like.

Why You’ll Be Glowing When You Walk Out of This Manayunk Spray Tan Studio: Sasha Fedunchak makes sure the spray tan experience bronzes and empowers you.

Welcome to Philly’s Queer-Friendly Barbell Club: KG Strong trainer Anna Claire Loper wanted to create a space where anyone could feel safe and strong.

Haley Morris Seemed Like a Healthy 20-Year-Old–Until a Genetic Disorder Took Her Life: The Fishtown native collapsed on Valentine’s Day, thanks to a rare bleeding condition known as HHT. Now her family’s trying to raise awareness around the little-known disease.


How to Find a Therapist in Philadelphia: Your guide to navigating the complex world of counseling, with tips from local therapists themselves.

How to Survive Philly’s Rough Allergy Season: Allergy specialist Elina Toskala gives us her tips for navigating the trees, grass, and weeds that make us sneeze.

This Philly-Area Expert’s Creative New Book Gets Real About Postpartum Depression: Through relatable comics and interactive activities, Karen Kleiman’s Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts tries to help more depressed moms feel less alone.

You Might Want to Get Your Home Tested for This Radioactive Gas: Pennsylvania’s a hot spot for radon, which, at high levels, can cause lung cancer.


Inside The Fight to Beat Childhood Cancer: How Colorado physicians are outsmarting cancer, one kid at a time.

The 9 Things You Should Know About Colorado’s Work-Life Balance: Here’s a hint: Denverites may not be quite as healthy as we like to think.

Portrait of Health: A Detailed Look at Denver Youth: Mental Health. Sexual assault. Lack of sleep. To uncover the biggest health issues facing Denver’s youth, city officials let a group of local teenagers take the lead.

Closing The Gap: How Coloradans are increasing access to health care for the state’s most vulnerable populations.

The True Story of a Reluctant Forest Bather: Forest bathing sounds like a fad, but this twist on hiking provided just the mental reset one writer needed.

What You Should Know About Bipolar Disorder: We talked to a local therapist to find out.

Emily Schromm’s Next Challenge: Opening a Gym in RiNo: The former reality TV star has made a huge impact in the wellness space, with projects ranging from her own line of teas to a portable weightlifting pack. Her newest passion project? Opening a 24-hour gym in RiNo.


Birdette’s Black and White World: Where I write about Birdette Hughey, a Christian educator in Mississippi who is trying to help the state move forward

American Journalism Review

Breathing New Life into Old Stories: Where I talk to lots of people I admire about highlighting longform archival work, during which Tony Kornheiser called me a child in a surprisingly non-derogatory way

Longform: Means More Than Just a Lot of Words: Where I take on James Bennet and talk to more people I admire

Loneliness, Life-Threatening Cold and the New Longform Epic: Where I deconstruct Brian Phillips’ epic Grantland piece on the Iditarod

The Baltimore Sun

Michele’s Granola grows from kitchen hobby into crunchy success: Where I spend a day in a granola factory

Singers David Correy, Nelson Emokpae are in harmony on reality TV Where I profile two Baltimore vocalists who are contestants on reality singing shows

Patti Smith indulges her affection for traveling, Baltimore: Where I talk with legendary rocker Patti Smith before a Baltimore show

The Diamondback

Colman McCarthy reaches 30 years of teaching peace: Where we celebrate a professor with a legendary life

A Long and Winding Road: Where I’m a fly on a wall at a meeting of a literary journal

When time is lost, so is art: Where I write about how we should experience art

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