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Building a Community: Project Enye: Millions of people across the U.S. are caught between dual identities: born American, with Latino roots. A Denver-based group hopes to bridge that gap—and spawn a new cultural movement.

On the Same Page: An ancestor’s letters helped me fall in love with her Denver—and mine.

Can Volunteerism Help Depression? This Local Nonprofit Thinks So: Project Helping assists individuals who struggle with depression find purpose through service to their communities.

The Diary of a Converted Meditator: How the practice of Neurosculpting helped me (finally) relax.


Birdette’s Black and White World: Where I write about Birdette Hughey, a Christian educator in Mississippi who is trying to help the state move forward

American Journalism Review

Breathing New Life into Old Stories: Where I talk to lots of people I admire about highlighting longform archival work, during which Tony Kornheiser called me a child in a surprisingly non-derogatory way

Longform: Means More Than Just a Lot of Words: Where I take on James Bennet and talk to more people I admire

Loneliness, Life-Threatening Cold and the New Longform Epic: Where I deconstruct Brian Phillips’ epic Grantland piece on the Iditarod

The Baltimore Sun

Michele’s Granola grows from kitchen hobby into crunchy success: Where I spend a day in a granola factory

Singers David Correy, Nelson Emokpae are in harmony on reality TV Where I profile two Baltimore vocalists who are contestants on reality singing shows

Patti Smith indulges her affection for traveling, Baltimore: Where I talk with legendary rocker Patti Smith before a Baltimore show

The Diamondback

Colman McCarthy reaches 30 years of teaching peace: Where we celebrate a professor with a legendary life

A Long and Winding Road: Where I’m a fly on a wall at a meeting of a literary journal

When time is lost, so is art: Where I write about how we should experience art

I have also written for Zócalo Public Square, Bethesda Magazine, Street Sense and College Magazine. In addition, I helped produce a multimedia project on a Baltimore neighborhood in the middle of transformation, a blog analyzing DCist and website for a woman who makes aprons.


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