Graphic by Jacob Dwyer/Michigan Medicine

Few Young Adult Men Have Gotten the HPV Vaccine: But they should: A cancer found in the throat is now the leading cancer caused by HPV — and 80% of those diagnosed are men.

Media hits:

Men’s Health: This Shot Helps Prevent Cancer. Why Do So Few Men Get It?

Reddit: 80% of those diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer are men, the leading cancer caused by HPV, surpassing cervical cancer.

Refinery29: Why Are So Few Young Adult Men Getting the HPV Vaccine?

U.S. News & World Report: Too Few Young Men Have Gotten the HPV Vaccine

patient stories

Transgender couple fulfills dream to become parents: Jesse and Maria Ballard wanted to have a baby naturally. So they did.

How the pandemic shaped one man’s cancer journey: In 25 years, Chris Cauley had never taken two weeks off of work. As health services were shutting down because of COVID-19, he had to learn how to be a patient.

Keeping afloat during the pandemic: Swimming was how Kara Wolter found solace, especially after her bone cancer diagnosis and leg amputation. But COVID often took away her safe place and delayed her Swim Across America race. Here’s how she ultimately crossed the finish line.

When art therapy goes virtual: One patient transcends her ‘moat’ against COVID-19 while her art therapist finds unexpected benefits to teaching online.

Woman runs half-marathon on one-year anniversary of complex cancer surgery: Robin Schroeder was determined to continue her active lifestyle, even after she underwent a Whipple, a taxing operation with a difficult recovery period.


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